From the Courts
January 28, 2005

Cop, painter abduction charge withdrawn

A 22-year-old policeman of Gibson Corner and a 21-year-old painter of Sion Hill recently had their abduction charge withdrawn after the victims refused to give evidence.

Police Constable Curtis Williams and Sandel Williams were accused of using force to induce a 14-year old and a 15-year old to go from Mesopotamia to Argyle on November 13, last year.{{more}}

When the accused men reappeared in court recently for the start of the preliminary inquiries, the prosecution could not proceed.

Information received said the girls’ parents said they did not wish to have the matter continued. The investigating officer, Sergeant Trevor Bailey, told the court on oath that the virtual complainants were no longer interested in the matter.

The police constable was also acquitted of the charge of stealing a Sony Ericcson cellular phone, valued $198 from one of the said teenagers on November 13.