British-trained lawyer admitted to SVG Bar
From the Courts
January 14, 2005
British-trained lawyer admitted to SVG Bar

The experience of a UK-born lawyer is expected to impact on this country, especially in the area of family services.

This, as Adrianne Pamela Grant is now able to practice at the local Bar. {{more}}

Grant, the daughter of Cornelius and Theresa Grant of South Rivers, pursued law studies at Wolverhampton University for three years before going on to the Gilford Law School.

Having graduated, Grant worked with the law firm Farrell, Matthews and Weir. After 11 years, she decided to come to the Caribbean.

Grant was presented by President of the SVG Bar Association and the SVG Human Rights Association, Nicole Sylvester, and she was endorsed by former President Agnes Cato.

At a ceremony held at the High Court Tuesday morning, Sylvester said Grant came to the profession “not as an individual without experience but one who is clothed with social conscience, given her on-track record and curricular activities.

“She has distinguished herself in all aspects of humanity, and in particular with children who are mentally challenged. This would only redound to the benefit of our society and jurisprudence. And, her particular quality must be seen in context that at this present time the legal profession is under severe scrutiny,” The SVG Bar Association’s president stated.