From the Courts
December 23, 2004
Court Briefs

Joachim, Stewart appeal again

Former Government minister, Glenford Stewart, and former Chairman of the National Commercial Bank (NCB), Richard Joachim are to appeal a decision handed down last week by the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal.{{more}}

The Court of Appeal last week dismissed the appellants’ challenge that the appointment of Ephraim Georges as Commissioner of Enquiry into the Ottley Hall fiasco was unconstitutional. The matter should be heard before the Privy Council in London.

Stevedore fined for ganja

Twenty- one year old Zechery Lynch of Sion Hill has until the end of December to pay a fine for drug possession.

If he fails to pay the fine, he faces one month in prison.

Lynch, a stevedore, was arrested at Pembroke last week when members of the Rapid Response Unit stopped a minibus in which he was travelling and found him with a black bag, which contained marijuana. He was charged for possessing just over one pound of marijuana with intent to supply.

When he appeared before the Serious Offences Court last week, he pleaded guilty and was fined $600 to be paid by December 31.

Watchman fined for drug

A watchman of Redemption Sharpes was last week fined for controlled drug possession when he appeared before the Serious Offences Court.

Irwin Gordon pleaded guilty to possessing a quantity of marijuana and was fined $350. He was ordered to pay $95 forthwith from money police had seized from him, and was given until three o’clock this afternoon to pay the balance of $255.

Gordon was warned that if he failed to pay the fine as ordered, he would be sentenced to 28 days in prison.

Gordon was arrested at Sharpes around 1.30 a.m. last week Sunday morning by members of the Rapid Response Unit.

Vermont farmer fined for marijuana

Thirty-eight year old Obediah Alexander of Vermont was on Monday fined $1,200 when he appeared before the Serious Offences Court Monday and pleaded guilty to possessing 681 grammes of marijuana with intent to supply.

Members of the Rapid Response Unit, who were conducting a stop and search programme at Rillan Hill, arrested Alexander, a farmer, on Sunday.

Police said Alexander had two previous convictions, one under the name John Samuel.

Alexander has until January 24, next year to pay the fine. If he fails to pay, he faces three months in prison.

Bequia man fined for cocaine

Bequia resident, Hudson Thompson was fined for cocaine possession earlier this week.

Thompson appeared before the Serious Offences Court on Monday morning and pleaded guilty to possessing eight rocks of cocaine, which amounted to one gramme. He was arrested at Bequia on Sunday.

Thomson was fined $150 for the offence. He paid $75 forthwith and was ordered to pay the remaining balance of $75 by January 7 next year. He faces imprisonment for seven days if he fails to pay.