From the Courts
December 3, 2004
Former airport worker jailed for marijuana

Former LIAT employee, Andrew Forde has been imprisoned on a drug charge.

Forde was sentenced to 26 months last week after the Serious Offences Court found him guilty of possessing 36,507 grammes (76 pounds) of marijuana with intent to supply. {{more}}

Forde was arrested and charged earlier this year after a suitcase and a bag, transported from this country, were discovered in Barbados by the Barbadian Drug Squad.

The court heard that on April 28, Forde told senior ramp attendant Nickolai Greenidge he needed his assistance in shipping two bags to Barbados. Two days later, a man called “Jessie” showed up at the ET Joshua Airport with a suitcase and bag, and Forde reminded him of his request for help. But, Greenidge told him to let the man go straight through because he wanted to have nothing to do with it.

The court also heard that Greenidge went and prepared two electronic tags for the luggage which left here on the last flight that day for Barbados.

After the drug was intercepted in Barbados, the local drug squad was informed and an officer went to bring back the luggage.

Greenidge was a prosecution witness in last week’s trial.

Forde and Greenidge were asked by their employer to resign.