Compay in court again
From the Courts
November 19, 2004
Compay in court again

Former death-row inmate, Daniel “Compay” Trimmingham will soon know whether he will be convicted for murder again.

Compay is facing a judge and jury for the second time in one year, in a case of one of the country’s worst murders. {{more}}

The death penalty was imposed on “Compay” in November last year, after he was found guilty of the January 2002 murder of his 68-year-old uncle, Albert Browne of Carriere. But he appealed the sentence earlier this year and won. The Court of Appeal then ordered a retrial.

Browne’s headless corpse was discovered in a banana field at Carriere Mountain shortly before mid-day on January 8, 2002. His head was discovered hours later, buried near a banana tree root about 200 yards away.

“Compay”s retrial began on Monday before Justice Louise Blenmann at the High Court. When the hearing was adjourned Wednesday, the prosecution had not yet closed its case. The hearing was scheduled to resume yesterday morning.

The prosecution had called 17 witnesses in the first trial, including star witness Felix “Ding” Browne.

Felix Browne, Compay’s cousin, was on the witness stand on Tuesday and Wednesday.