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Trafficker fined for ganja

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Rose Hall resident Carmen Murray was fined $12,000 for marijuana Tuesday.

Murray, a trafficker, appeared before the Serious Offences Court and pleaded guilty to possessing 16 pounds of the controlled substance with intent to supply. {{more}}

Murray was arrested during a stop and search operation by police at Gibson Corner on June 26, this year.

When Murray previously appeared in court, she pleaded not guilty to the charge. At Tuesday’s hearing, Murray changed her plea and her lawyer said that according to his instructions, someone had given her the packages to transport, but she did not know marijuana was in them. Her lawyer contended that she had told the police from the time she was arrested that the packages were given to her by someone.

Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman said she took into account the fact that Murray pleaded guilty and that she had no previous conviction. She also indicated that she accepted her explanation of how she came to be in possession of the controlled drug.

On sentencing Murray, Chief Magistrate Churaman said she was imposing a fine that was commensurate with the value of the marijuana.

Murray has until January 25, next year to pay the fine. If she fails to pay as ordered, she will be imprisoned for six months.