From the Courts
October 1, 2004
Patricide in South Union

Less than three hours after the court placed him on a bond for assaulting and wounding his son, a 65-year-old man of South Union was killed by his cutlass-wielding son Tuesday afternoon in a bizarre twist of fate.

Indeed, it was a situation of victim becoming accused because, on the previous evening, the elderly Issacs Pompey had inflicted multiple wounds on his forty-one year old son, Graham Tittle during a family feud.{{more}}

Tittle reportedly chopped up his father with a cutlass Tuesday in an apparent expression of dissatisfaction with the outcome of a case before the Serious Offences Court earlier that day. The incident occurred shortly after they returned home from the court in Kingstown.

Pompey had been arrested Tuesday morning after he wounded his son during an incident Monday night. When the elder man appeared before the Serious Offences Court close to midday Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to charges of wounding and assault with intent.

The court heard that Pompey and his wife had a dispute and his son intervened. As a result, he pointed a gun at his son and pulled a cutlass and planned him about the body. His son sustained injuries to his chest, arm, elbow and neck.

Pompey told the court that his son tried to kill him before and that he had put him out of the house but subsequently took him back in.

Having heard the evidence, Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman highlighted the mitigating factors. She noted that Pompey was 65 years of age and he had no record of previous conviction. She also noted that Pompey and his son lived together and that he pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

The Chief Magistrate, on imposing sentence on Pompey, said that in light of the facts adduced, the most appropriate penalty was a bond for two years.

During the court proceedings, Tittle never entered the court room. He sat quietly by himself in the foyer until the proceeding ended.

Tittle was arrested and charged with his father’s murder Wednesday. He appeared before the Serious Offences Court yesterday and was remanded in custody.