From the Courts
October 1, 2004
Anthony causes concern to court

The spate of robberies allegedly carried out in Paul’s Avenue by a notorious law-breaker is causing much concern to the court.

Court Prosecutor, Inspector Ekron Lockhart raised the issue before the No. 1 Kingstown Magistrate Court last Friday, saying that it appeared as if people cannot go to Paul’s Avenue because of the robber. {{more}}He pointed out that over ninety percent of the crimes committed by the robber are committed in Paul’s Avenue.

Inspector Lockhart, at the time of his comments, was prosecuting a case in which a man Godfrey Anthony was charged for committing three crimes of deprivation at Paul’s Avenue last month.

Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph, in his response to the prosecutor’s concern, noted that quite a number of offences committed by Anthony did in fact take place at Paul’s Avenue. He stated firmly that people must be free to go through that village which is located in the heart of the capital.

As a result of the concern raised, the Senior Magistrate remanded Anthony in custody.

Anthony is scheduled to return to court next month.