From the Courts
July 23, 2004
Patrick, Small to stand trial for Williams’ murder

Orde Patrick, 19, of Penniston, and Allan Small, 19, of Dubois, have been committed to stand trial for the murder of sixteen year old Carlson Williams.
Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman committed the youngsters to stand trial following preliminary inquiries at the Serious Offences Court last Monday. {{more}}
After hearing from a number of prosecution witnesses, including State witness Toshiba Prescott, Chief Magistrate Churaman found that the prosecution had made out a case for Patrick and Small to answer before a Judge and jury.
Patrick and Small were among five young men originally accused of murder.
Williams, from the South Leeward village of Questelles was found in some grass on the morning of March 15, this year. The other three were Tosheba Prescott, 17, Marthie Baker, 24, and Winston Small, 20, of Penniston.
Prescott’s charge was withdrawn before the start of the preliminary inquiries as the Crown used him as its star witness. Baker and Small (Winston) were discharged at Monday’s conclusion of the preliminary inquiries following submissions by their lawyers, Ronald Marks and Cecil “Blazer” Williams.