From the Courts
July 9, 2004
Inmates graduate from OAS rehab programme

Three persons have so far graduated from the OAS-sponsored rehabilitation programme for prison inmates, which began on January 19
Gayron Jackson of Georgetown, the third person to graduate from the programme, was released from prison on June 25. {{more}}Kenville Bowens of Petit Bordel, the second person to have graduated from the programme, left the prison on Tuesdsay June 15. He followed former inmate Huskin “Papa Spoon” Williams who graduated on May 11.
Authorities of the OAS programme have said that the programme is developing and they are pleased with the progress of participants. But, according to Clinical Supervisor for the therapeutic programme, Lolita Crooke, family support is of tremendous importance in assisting them to maintain their stability until they can be on their own.
Crooke also said that follow-up treatment was of vital importance. She referred to programme graduate, “Papa Spoon”, who “is still doing well outside”.
She said that “Papa Spoon” reported that he was tempted on occasions but he never yielded to those temptations.
According to Crooke, graduates will receive after-care from Marion House.
The OAS programme is divided into three levels. Level one is for inmates who are totally illiterate; Level two is for those who have some reading and writing skills; while Level three is for inmates who would have received secondary school education.
According to Crooke, inmates and prison officers are engaged in teaching. Inmates Andre Bowens and Grantley Bramble teach mathematics at Level three and Level two, respectively, while prison officers Jules Ellis and Jason Mason teach tailoring and carpentry, respectively.
According to Crooke, Superintendent of Prisons, Erik Rodriguez will soon be teaching classes in auto mechanics.
The rehabilitation programme, which is a pilot project, is to be funded by the OAS for 18 months.