From the Courts
July 9, 2004

Driver fined $5,000 for gun

Clive Lewis, a sixty-three year old truck driver of Calder has until August 7, this year, to pay $5,000 for firearm possession. If he fails he faces six months in prison.
The Serious Offences Court imposed the fine on Lewis Wednesday after he was found guilty of possessing a .25 semiautomatic pistol without licence.{{more}}
Detective constable Devon Sutherland told the court that at about 8.30 p.m. on May 7, he was part of a police squad which was dispatched to Little Tokyo following certain information received. When he was about two feet away, he saw Lewis’ hands covering the area of his crotch. He then saw him throw the firearm to the ground.
Sutherland said he recovered the firearm from under the stool on which Lewis was sitting and cautioned him.
Corporal Victor Grant of the Fire Department told the court he was at Little Tokyo that evening, dressed in plain clothes, when he received certain information. He said he spoke with another police officer and received assistance from PC Sutherland and others to confront Lewis.
Corporal Grant also said he saw a shiny object as Lewis dropped it and heard Sutherland ask “way yuh drop dey”? He also said he ordered Lewis to get up and he pulled him up off the stool.
Defence lawyer, Arthur Williams contended that if the court believed Corporal Grant’s evidence then it could not believe PC Sutherland.
Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman said she noted the discrepancies but, having regard to the overall evidence and Lewis’ demeanour, the discrepancies did not go to the heart of the prosecution’s case. She found Lewis guilty as charged.
Lewis was also found guilty of possessing two rounds of .25 ammunition without licence. He was placed on bond for two years for the offence.