From the Courts
July 2, 2004

Sion Hill man fined for cocaine

Arthur Lewis of Sion Hill was on Monday fined $750 when the Serious Offences Court found him guilty of cocaine possession.
Police told the court that on February 4, at about 11.30 a.m. officers in a Drug Squad unit saw Lewis drop a black plastic bag. The bag was retrieved and 14 pieces of foil-wrapped cocaine were found inside. {{more}}
Lewis, represented by Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams, denied the allegations in court. He charged that an officer took the bag from under the steps in the yard.
Two defence witnesses, Barry Lawrence and Reynold Lynch of Sion Hill, testified that the police took the bag from under the steps.
Police prosecutor, Sergeant Adolphus Delpesche submitted that two officers, sergeant Desmond Haywood and corporal Lionel Lewis, testified that they saw the defendant drop the plastic bag. He contended that the dropping of the bag was sufficient to constitute knowledge, which is a key element of possession.
Defence lawyer, Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams contended that the prosecution had not proven its case beyond doubt. He contended that the important factor was whether the police officers saw the defendant drop the plastic bag. He questioned whether they saw him with the bag in his physical custody or whether he had knowledge that he had an illegal substance in his custody.
Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman found Lewis guilty.
Lewis was ordered to pay $400 forthwith and the remaining $350 by July 23, this year. If he defaults, he faces a prison term of 3 months.