From the Courts
July 2, 2004
Pompey jailed for gun, ammunition

Two weeks after he was acquitted of a murder charge, twenty-nine year old Joshua Pompey of New Grounds was imprisoned for the same gun he used in the killing.
Pompey pleaded guilty to summary charges of possessing a .25 firearm and five rounds of .25 ammunition without licences. He was sentenced to eight months for the gun and three months for the ammunition. Both sentences are to run concurrently. {{more}}
Police had apprehended Pompey with a .25 firearm shortly after he shot Wayde Durrant on Christmas Eve day in uptown Kingstown. He was charged for the death of Wayde Durrant of Cedars and possessing a .25 firearm and 5 rounds of .25 ammunition without licences.
It is alleged that there was a dispute between both men and Pompey pulled a gun and shot Durrant in the neck.
At his trial last month, his lawyer Nicole Suylvester made a no-case submission, arguing that the prosecution’s evidence was “tenuous, inconsistent and unreliable.”
Trial Judge, Justice Fredrick Bruce-Lyle upheld the no-case submission, ruling that the evidence was “inherently weak and tenuous”.