From the Courts
July 2, 2004

‘Moussa’ jailed for ganja

New Montrose resident, Kyron ‘Moussa’ Joseph was sentenced to eighteen months in prison on Wednesday when the Serious Offences Court found him guilty of possessing 80 pounds of marijuana with intent to supply.
Joseph was arrested at Mt. Wynne by Station Sergeant Calvin Glasgow on March 8, this year.{{more}}
Joseph was the driver of motor car PJ154 in which six buckets of marijuana, two in the back seat and four in the trunk, were found.
Station Sergeant Glasgow told the court that when he cautioned Joseph, he replied “a boat is down Rose Place waiting for the weed”.
The court also heard that the car, PJ154, was owned by Dr. Junior Ackie of Union Island, but was being supervised by Roger Brackin of New Montrose.
Joseph, in his evidence denied knowledge of the drug. He said when the car was delivered to him by Brackin, he did not open the trunk to check for anything. He said the following day he lent it to one Toney King and when he received it he did not check the trunk.
During his examination in chief, Joseph said he was not taken to the back of the car when Station Sergeant Glasgow opened the car trunk. But, during cross-examination by police prosecutor, Sergeant Adolphus Delpesche, he said the first time he saw the buckets of marijuana was when Station Sergeant Glasgow popped the trunk.
After the court found him guilty as charged, Joseph’s lawyer, Arthur Williams asked for a financial penalty to be imposed instead of a custodial penalty. But, Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman, on imposing the custodial sentence, said she was mindful of the sentencing guidelines set out by the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal.