From the Courts
June 18, 2004
Sion Hill man wanted for deception

Local police are searching for a young man from Sion Hill for questioning.
Twenty-five year-old Alister Smith is wanted by the Criminal Investigations Department in connection with reports of obtaining sums of money through deception. One of the persons allegedly deceived by him is a teacher from the Stubbs area.{{more}}
Police said Wednesday they did not know how many persons Smith may have deceived or how much money he may have collected then and would like the public to be on the alert.
Smith was sentenced to three months for deception in November, 2001. He was arrested in September after he went to the home of Verina Hamlett (the late Senator Michael Hamlett’s mother) and claimed he was employed at the Kingstown Town Board. He claimed then that he was given the job to upkeep the grave of her son who died on August 18, 2001. She advanced him a cheque for $500, but when her husband quickly contacted the Kingstown Town Board office, they found out that he was an impostor. The 74-year-old grieving mother quickly called her bank and cancelled the cheque. Smith was already serving six months for similar crimes.
Police said in August 2001, Smith was deported from Trinidad. Earlier this week, it was reported that he posed as a policeman in Antigua several years ago and was treated well before he was exposed.Up to press time, there was no report of Smith having been captured.