From the Courts
May 28, 2004
Chief Magistrate commends Police

The Narcotics Division of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force and court prosecutor, Sergeant Adolphus Delpesche have been commended for utilizing an investigative and prosecuting strategy. {{more}}
The high praise for the law men came from Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman last week Thursday at the conclusion of a drug case in which an accused was used as the star prosecution witness to give evidence against another accused.
Chief Magistrate Churaman stated that the police entered a new realm, recognizing that they could use a defendant or prisoner as a prosecution witness. She said that the investigating authorities can reach higher levels with the employment of such techniques.
She said that the accused-turned-prosecution-witness was facing a custodial sentence on the face of the evidence of his involvement in the crime, but because of his course of action in assisting the police, he was taken out of that position of penal custody.
Sergeant Delpesche said the witness, who was used as a mule in the drug crime, had taken a “bold stand” in testifying in such a case. He said the witness previously told him that he was “under tremendous pressure”.
The Chief Magistrate also congratulated defence lawyer Ronald Marks for the manner in which he handled the trial.