From the Courts
May 7, 2004
Inquiry into attempted

Preliminary inquiries into an aggravated burglary and attempt to murder businessman Vicky Rajani started before the Serious Offences Court Wednesday morning.
Rajani, an Indian national residing at Cane Garden, survived the murder attempt at his home on February 12. {{more}}
Three men and a woman allegedly went to Rajani’s home after 11 o’clock that night. He was held at knifepoint and ordered to open a vault in his bedroom. They deprived him of US$1,760, EC$1,590, a St. Vincent Marketing Corporation cheque valued EC$6,097.86, three Citizen wristwatches, his passport, his residence documents and other items.
Before the intruders left, they tied his hands behind his back, tied his feet, placed a plastic bag over his face and secured it with a disposable handcuff around his neck. They also cut his phone line. But he managed to free himself.
Shortly after they left his home, the three men were met by a patrol squad from the Special Services Unit. They were searched and two were sent on their way while the third, Hassan Mohammed, was detained. Police reported then that Rajani’s passport, a St. Vincent Marketing Corporation cheque valued over EC$6,000 and
other items were found on Mohammed’s person that night.
Hassan Mohammed, a 32-year-old technician of Trinidad; Othneil Bowens, a 22-year-old labourer of Campden Park; and Jayaamma Srinnivas, a 40-year-old cook of India have been jointly charged with the crimes of aggravated burglary and attempted murder.
The fourth person alleged to have been involved in the February 12 incident, Julius Nick Diamond of Campden Park, was sought earlier by police. However, he is now the prosecution’s star witness.
During the first session of the day’s sitting of the court, the prosecution called two witnesses. The first to give evidence was the virtual complainant, Vicky Rajani. He was followed by star witness, Julius Nick Diamond.