From the Courts
April 30, 2004
Student ordered to compensate victim

A 15-year-old secondary school student of Paul’s Avenue has until May 14, this year, to compensate a young man he wounded on June 22, last year.
The No.1 Kingstown Magistrate’s Court ordered the student to pay $500 compensation to Rodney Dellimore of Lowmans Leeward after he pleaded guilty to the wounding charge. If he fails to pay the compensation, he would be imprisoned for four months.
The court heard that at about 1.00 a.m. on June 22, Dellimore was walking home when the student and three other men attacked him. {{more}}
Dellimore said he was in the area of Yankie’s shop on Higginson Street when the student “buss” his head with a “brandy bottle” and fled. He claimed he was with a female companion and the group of four wanted to have sexual intercourse with her.
The student denied wounding Dellimore. He said he saw a fight in the street. He said he ran to the scene and saw Dellimore being beaten by a group of guys and, as a result, he ran away.
When he was cross-examined by police prosecutor Inspector Cuthbert Horne, the student said he went to “Shipwreck” with his brother. Asked what he was doing at Shipwreck at that time of night, he said he was partying. Asked why he ran away from the fight scene, the student said Dellimore threatened to “buss” his head.
“Your attitude alone tells me the kind of person you are. You have no remorse. Look at you. You have no remorse. I have children. Stop it! Stop it!” Inspector Horne admonished the student.
“You youngsters have to learn to behave yourselves. You are growing up too fast,” Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph commented.
“If you are going to do this to an innocent man going along with his girlfriend, what will you do to students in your school who cross path?” he asked the student.
The student has also been placed on bond to keep the peace for two years. If he breaches the bond, he could be sentenced to six months.