From the Courts
April 30, 2004
Men charged for fake cash

Mespo police last week arrested and charged two young men from the area for tendering two EC$100 notes which they knew to be counterfeit.{{more}}
Travis Jobe of Glenside was charged for tendering a counterfeit EC$100 note to Calvert Woodley, a coconut vendor, at Glenside around 7.30 p.m. on Monday, April 13. The second person, 17-year-old Therdio McKie of Richland Park was charged for tendering a counterfeit EC$100 bill to Raymond Roberts of Richland Park around 8.30 the same night. Roberts was said to have been operating a bar at the Richland Park Government School’s fair when McKie bought six beers with the counterfeit bill. Both counterfeit notes had the same serial number.
Jobe and McKie appeared before the No. 1 Kingstown Magistrate’s Court last Friday and pleaded guilty to the separate charges. They were each ordered to pay EC$100 to the persons to whom they tendered the false notes. They were also each fined $200 forthwith, with an alternative custodial sentence of four months.
“It seems to me that you all know about this false money in the area. You all know about that”, Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph told McKie who appeared second before him.
Information received say both young men were released Friday after their fines and compensations were paid.