Brother Conrad Sayers – Seeing the Brighter Side of Life
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January 26, 2024
Brother Conrad Sayers – Seeing the Brighter Side of Life

With his unassuming and humble personality, brother Conrad Sayers wasn’t one to pridefully bask in the spotlight.

He joined the civil service as a teacher in the 1970’s and was later transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture. Many will recall him as the voice of the once popular radio programme called, “Farmer’s Diary.”

Brother Conrad joined the Public Service Union (PSU) in 1984 and became president in 1985. He again took up the helm in 1997 as he believed in strong representation and having a voice.

As a former president, brother Conrad ensured that the PSU worked as a team and the executives were able to hone their skills to aptly represent workers. He credited his success as leader to the diligent executive members who worked alongside him.

A strong advocate for the use of negotiation, he didn’t believe in calling strike or ruckus, just for the sake of it. He instead emphasised the importance of utilizing the negotiating table, since the livelihood of workers depended on the outcomes.

When questioned about his most notable achievement, he humbly remarked that he was glad to increase union membership, as many workers feared repercussions for joining the union.

Brother Conrad was also pleased to have had a role in the improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, so that working conditions were enhanced.

Additionally, he ensured that members could get their grievances aired and strove to improve salaries, even when he faced push back.

Brother Conrad not only served locally, but also regionally in the prestigious position of president the Caribbean Public Service Association (CPSA) in 1985, and again in 1998.

When he was last interviewed in February 2023, for the PSU’s 80th Anniversary Presidential Cocktail and Award Ceremony, he was among eight other stalwarts who were honoured.

He called on future leaders to, “Present the facts and only the facts”, so workers could make clear decisions. Brother C, also warned union leaders about getting, as this could divide and weaken the body of members.

Even when brother Conrad left the public service and became a politician, he knew the importance of giving a listening ear to get the best out of everyone.

He also called on public servants to be respectful and productive, as the nation will be attain advancement with such mindset.
In spite of his poor eyesight, throughout his twilight years brother Conrad remained rich in spirit and “saw” the brighter side of life.

He lived by the philosophy, “take life one day at a time”, and now that his time has come to rest eternally, we at the PSU say THANK YOU for your outstanding contribution Brother C. We will miss you!