November 10, 2023

Heaven’s Child

by Sylvia Morris McCalla (Amrie’s mom)

Today, I thank heaven for a child like you
Sometimes I wonder what
I’ve done to deserve a gift so true
Your charisma and your politeness are the
highlights of my life
So I thank heaven for its child

Again, I will like to thank heaven for a child
Who reminds me how to pray
and reads the Word everyday
Sometimes when you smile at me,
I remember God’s command
Thank heaven for a child like you

The serious way you tread life’s path
The things that you have learnt
Remind me how I live and love
You are a gift to a mother’s heart

Sometimes I pull the curtain
Just to catch a glimpse of you
The simple way you plant your steps
Reminds me to be true
I thank God for heaven’s child that’s you.