St Joseph Convent Kingstown has prepared me for life – Headgirl
Alysha Cornwall Headgirl
January 28, 2022
St Joseph Convent Kingstown has prepared me for life – Headgirl

Tribute by Headgirl – Alysha CornwalL

Each year we celebrate the School’s anniversary since its establishment on January 2nd 1947. Today, we are proud to be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the St Joseph’s Convent, Kingstown.

Upon entering the school gates, I thought to myself, I’ve got 5 years here. Now, here I am 5 years later saying; “Where did the time go?” I have learnt so much and this school has truly prepared me for life.

Our school has been a ray of hope and guidance for all of us to be the best we can be. To my Alma Mater, 75 years in existence is a milestone. You have fostered and nurtured more young minds than you know, the future faces of tomorrow. You have contributed to the length and breadth of our Vincentian society at home and abroad – We are lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, politicians and so much more. The lessons we’ve learnt are priceless and are to be treasured for a lifetime.

It is my hope on this Diamond Jubilee that my Alma Mater with the help of God, will continue to make significant contributions to the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines.