April 13, 2021
SVGCC encourages Godly calm and trust

THE ST VINCENT and the Grenadines Christian Council encourages all to be calm, prayerful, and hopeful amidst the current developments with respect to the eruption of La Soufriére Volcano and the evacuation of those living in the Red Zone. It remains true that co-operation and camaraderie, working together and looking out for one another is an invaluable asset in times of great challenge.

This spirit of collaboration and solidarity that has been wonderfully demonstrated by neighboring countries ought to be even more evident by all of us on the ground. We have already received words of encouragement and promise of support from both the Barbados and Grenada Christian Councils. We are mindful that there will be short comings by various participants in the management of this situation; however we ask for an approach to such that is responsible both in our attitudes and utterances, seeking to build rather than breakdown, to inspire rather than incite resentment and fear. We will have occasion to evaluate and learn from our experience.

Please be very careful what information you receive and circulate. NEMO is the most authoritative source of information. Do not circulate information that you have not verified. We are aware that pictures have been circulated that are not from St Vincent.

Let us continue to pray. It is still true – our faith will see us through. We continue to believe that God can spare us from a disaster or enable us to get through a disaster. We believe in His power and trust in His grace and wisdom.

In quietness and in trust (in God) shall be our strength (Isa 30.15)


God of goodness and love, in whom we can trust in every hour of need, have mercy on all who are faced with uncertainty, fear and distress through the eruption of La Soufriére Volcano. We ask that help may be given to them speedily, and that this emergency may be turned into an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of love and service which bind people and nations together; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A statement from the SVG Christian Council.