Cinched Waists And Stiletto Heels
March 6, 2020

Cinched Waists And Stiletto Heels

by Nelcia Marshall Robinson and Margaret Sullivan

ATTENDING SUNDAY School was a much looked forward to occasion. Since the Anglican Church was far from our home, we would not return after the morning service. Instead, we went to the Methodist Church which was very near. The Sunday School always had a programme for Harvest and Christmas, and we would be a part of it. At one time we had to say a verse each of a poem “O see the Sky, So Blue so High”, which for some reason is the only one stuck in our memory!!

Our Teachers were Miss Douglas, Mrs. Brown, Ms.Pollard and Nurse Ross.

We were very respectful to them, as we had to met them either at school, or in the case of Nurse Ross, at her home to dress our cuts and bruises.

After Sunday School, we took long walks to Rilland Hill, where we would invade the Guava Orchard. Sometimes we climbed the hill to the Police look-out.

Our greatest pleasure came from walking softly behind Miss Douglas and Miss Pollard, imitating the worm wriggling of their bodies as they stepped in stiletto heels.

Their waists would be cinched with a broad belt, and their hips would sway from side to side as the heels clicked along. We thought them to be beautiful stately women, and wished we could reach their state of loveliness..

The Sunday School was as important for us as day school, and it is a pity that less emphasis is placed on it today. Parents sent their children to Sunday School, and the children went.

Sunday School Teachers are unsung Nation Builders – instilling in their charges, spiritual values, and lessons for living.