Students pleased with new facilities
August 30, 2013

Students pleased with new facilities

Several students of the college shared their experiences with SEARCHLIGHT.{{more}}

Second year students Shafel McDowall, De Yonté LaBorde and Shanka Edwards are looking forward to using the new buildings this year, but stated that the construction phase brought several drawbacks.

“It’s been really noisy. It’s been so bad that our Math teacher had to discontinue class,” LaBorde said.

“I really like how the buildings look and I just hope that we as students appreciate it like we should. I think it’s nice that we’re doing this to improve our community college”.

New student Cathlaron Stephens thinks that the new buildings will be beneficial to him and the other students.

“I noticed that they have implemented new facilities and generally. I think the place is equipped enough for progressive learning to be taking place,” the St Vincent Grammar School graduate said.

It is the deputy director’s hope that students will treat the new facilities with care.

“It’s an excellent campus we have now and my prayer is that our students treat the facilities with care…the graffiti in the bathrooms…the sitting on the arms of furniture really needs to stop,” Scott said.

“We hope our students up their game and treat the facilities with respect and work hard. This is not a campus for liming. None of our campuses are for liming”.

This 80,000 square foot expansion of the SVGCC was designed by Moulton Mayers Architects, who were also project managers. The three main contracting firms were Innotech Services Ltd of Barbados, Hutchinson Construction Ltd and Gibson Construction Ltd.

The project was funded by the European Union and the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines, with the EU providing EC$22 million and the government EC$8 million.