Unforgettable “Mayreau Memories”
March 12, 2010
Unforgettable “Mayreau Memories”


History was created for Mayreau residents with the launch of a book, the first to have been published about the small Grenadine island.

Nancy Saul-Demers, Canadian-born, Nova Scotia resident, was the brainchild and energy for creating such unembellished memories of Mayreau, “MAYREAU MEMORIES”.{{more}}

Caribbean and West Indian history contains very vague inserts of life on Mayreau. This book, however, seeks to record a rich historical overview of the island, awe-inspiring life stories of eight remarkably strong women from Mayreau, descriptions of important traditions and old recipes.

The author Nancy and her husband Lorne first visited Mayreau in the early 1990s, while sailing through the Grenadines. There they were introduced to Scuba Diving by Naui Instructor Glenroy Adams of Grenadines Dive. Nancy quickly developed a zealous addiction for exploring the pristine underwater world of the Grenadines and could not defy the urge to visit every year since then for the past 20 years now. Her quest was to explore the breathtaking coral reefs off the Grenadines and now boasts a whopping 524 dives.

Mayreau was chosen as their vacation stop because it was quiet and offered the couple the peace and relaxation they needed when not diving. This yearly adventure to Mayreau gave them the chance to establish great relationships with the natives of the island to which they are now known by the children as the “Santas” that come down the chimney in February. None of their visits to the island have gone without the school and children of Mayreau benefiting in one way or another with school supplies and other tokens.

Over the years Nancy has been observing the remarkable changes that took effect on the island and expects with the increase in land sales more development will take place. She was concerned that this would all vanish in the minds of those who are in the transition period and the next generations will have no recollection of the events. Added to that, over ten years ago the loss of a friend who Nancy got used to hearing his wonderful stories caused her much grief and Nancy came to the realization that not only a wonderful life was lost, but also precious history as well. It was the combination of these two diverse rationales that motivated Nancy to pen the unique lifestyles of Mayreau’s natives in a hope to preserve Mayreau’s rich history and culture.

The process provided the author with her own unforgettable memories as well; she was privileged to share the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the proud and the not so proud memories with each woman as they relived their past. This meant at times the sharing of laughter and tears.

Its important to note that the net proceeds from book sales goes back to Mayreau, a fraction goes to the local seller, and a part will be made as charitable donations to the church, the school and the regatta committee. “Mayreau Memories” not only creates history for Mayreau, but will also contribute to the improvement of the ailing economy of the island. Nancy and Lorne wishes to express sincere thanks to all the women for sharing their heart warming stories that will now be told for generations to come and all the villagers, including Fr. Mark DaSilva, for their support.