Patriotic Song Book launched
October 26, 2006

Patriotic Song Book launched

Re-enforcing that her department is serious about it’s work to help Vincentians gain a greater appreciation for their Vincentian identity, Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste launched Volume: 1 of the Patriotic Songs of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The book, which has 21 songs dating from the 1960’s to 2006 was officially revealed at the Cruise Ship Terminal on Tuesday October 17 as part of Independence celebrations.

Minister Baptiste emphasised that Vincentians often take their citizenship for granted until they reside in another country and become homesick. She pointed out that by making the Patriotic Song Book available the Department of Culture was creating a living legacy for nostalgia through songs to comfort their yearning for home. {{more}}

Baptiste noted that documenting the heritage of this country was a crucial aspect of patriotism and called on other persons with songs to come forward with the lyrics which would be copyrighted in the publication. She however expressed a desire to have a national museum where the history, heritage and folklore of this country would be on display.

The Culture Minister thanked her staff for working tirelessly on the project and handed over several copies of the book to sectors such as the Music Department, Ministry of Education and Library Services.

Cultural Officer Michael Peters who was also in attendance noted that the a CD of Patriotic Songs will be produced and include composers such as Patrick Prescod, Kenneth “Vibrating Scakes” Alleyne, Altson “Becket” Cyrus and Ruth Woods.