Natasha shows her national colours and wins
October 26, 2006

Natasha shows her national colours and wins

Coined as a creative child by her mother, the artistic skills of 16 year old Natasha Commissiong seem to have finally paid off.

Commissiong is the winner of the SEARCHLIGHT Independence Dress Competition and has just won herself a $300 gift voucher from You and Eye Wear.

The Lowmans Leeward resident said that she designed the garment but her primary school teacher Grania Williams sewed the creation. The Technical College student admitted that she and her cousin have always designed Independence pieces for fun and wore them at rallies, but finally decided to enter the SEARCHLIGHT’s Costume competition.

On the topic of Independence, Commissiong said that “Vincentians need to take independence celebrations seriously; we need to show off our patriotic colours and live in unity as Vincentians”.{{more}}

Second prize went to Roxanne King who would receive a free membership for one month at Ronnie’s Fitness and recreation Centre while third place was copped by Verina Sandy of Campden Park who would receive a gift certificate for a massage from Marc Erdrich and Ruth Boerger.