October 26, 2006

Independence babies celebrate

When the fireworks light up the skies on Friday, not only will Vincentians be celebrating the 27th anniversary of the birth of the nation but families and friends will also be celebrating the birthdays of 17 Vincentians who were born on Independence Day 1979.

Some are living and working abroad and one has died. Searchlight caught up with three of the families and highlight them on this page. Our best wishes go to the birthday men and women and their families.

The 17 independence babies are: Losette John (deceased), Marsh Mercury, Danieto Bacchus, Hyacinth Bynoe, Glennford May, Yeavera Woods, Rohan Simmons, Rodney George, Nyasha Garrick, Shelton Frederick, Monique Cuffy, Iantha Richardson, Shirla Huggins, Kerisa Gibson, Isabelle Homer, Kip Sutherland, and Elna John.