Conductors in solidarity
September 22, 2006

Conductors in solidarity

Van drivers are not the only ones calling for an increase in bus fares, but conductors are also on board with the strike. SEARCHLIGHT met a group of the conductors from the Redemption Sharpes community who said that they were peeved with the government which did not want to increase the fares.{{more}}

“If a cart man raise he fee or supermarket raise they price everybody does pay, down to snow cone man raise he price. But the day a van man raise, they vex,” Osbourne “Wiggy” Franklyn vented.

Osbourne claimed that the government promised to introduce buses to complement the minibuses but they have not done so.

The Redemption Sharpes Bus Conductors’ PRO argued that the United Labour Party wooed them during the last elections but now they feel let down.

He rebuked some passengers who have been complaining on radio saying that “all conductors smell bad” and counter-charged that many conductors had to endure bad hygiene from some passengers.