New, exciting opportunities at DiscoveryWorks
August 11, 2006
New, exciting opportunities at DiscoveryWorks

Serving for six years as a loyal employee has earned De-Aon the post of Financial Controller. A former Project Manager, De-Aon’s migration from sciences to accounting has enabled her to take charge of all the finances at DiscoveryWorks Legal, both in St. Vincent, New York and Philadelphia.{{more}}

According to De-Aon, working at DiscoveryWorks Legal offers exciting and new opportunities. She said she is pleased with the overall operation of the St. Vincent office and the management, which stress heavily on exploring employees’ potential.

“Working here, you are never boxed in, and you are encouraged to give your ideas and use your initiative. This is very good,” Sayers said.

She said the space in which employees are given the opportunity to advance themselves is another plus for the eDiscovery facility.

“DiscoveryWorks offers new ideas and provides training for employees. This is a good opportunity even for a start for persons leaving school and looking for a job. It is a great avenue and not a dead end job. There is always training and advancement for employees,” Sayers expressed.

With more opportunities becoming available for young persons to take up vacant positions at DiscoveryWorks, De-Aon’s is encouraging unemployed persons to join DiscoveryWorks Legal where there’s a chance for them to receive benefits such as on the job training.