Eat in style at Masc’s Pub and Diner
May 26, 2006
Eat in style at Masc’s Pub and Diner

Sonia Mascoll can boast of having benefited from her grandmother’s culinary skills. That lady, Beryl Williams of Questelles on the Leeward end of mainland St. Vincent, used to cook and bake for people when there were weddings. Mascoll inevitably and instinctively acquired some of her grandmother’s talents.

The lessons have transcended into an operation known as Masc’s Pub and Diner.

It is located on the road to Leeward just above the entrance to the Botanic Museum.{{more}}

Masc’s Pub and Diner is open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am. You will determine the hour it closes, for the staff will take care of the last customer until he or she leaves.

Ask Beverly Toussaint or Sendy Browne, two persons working at the institution and they will attest to the serene nature of the establishment. “It’s a nice little hide out,” Browne said. For Toussaint: “People usually call it a good hang out.”

Mascoll can be considered an experienced chef. She has undergone training and boasts of a vast knowledge in this sphere.

She has been getting good reviews about her cooking since her days at primary school. That was in part because of the influence of her grandmother.

One with a spirit of independence, Mascoll has developed good customer service.

“I cook according to the client,” she stated.

She specialises in spices and has developed the knack for creating an individual taste.

“You have to know what to cook for whom,” she stated.

She is confident that she can hold her own in any culinary contest. Mascoll has already adjusted to the emerging Caribbean trend and boasted that her institution is “CSME ready.” She is pleased with the variety of clients that have patronised her enterprise. Her clientele is varied, with people from Barbados, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil and Canada having all established their nationality at Masc’s Pub and Diner.

She thinks that the location of the business is good, but some persons worry about the busy nature of the highway.

Whether it’s curried goat, beef in soya sauce or fish in white wine sauce, Masc’s will satisfy your craving. Roti lovers, be it for beef, liver, chicken, conch, or vegetarian, can make their selection at Masc’s. The bar has a variety of drinks, in addition to locally produced beverages in season.

Additional entertainment can be had at Masc’s including karaoke. Mascoll had been hoping to secure a new outlet more centrally located in the heart of the city, especially for the upcoming Carnival festivities, but she encountered some obstacles. She hopes some persuasive bargaining can overcome that obstacle.

Masc is confident that she can handle any competition, and her customers have endorsed her cooking as among the best in SVG.

Mother of a 16-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son, Masc has reduced her inclination for modeling in favour of raising her children.

The venture is easy to find and you will be rewarded with delicious cuisine. Don’t take my word. Check it out yourself.