January 20, 2006

Cherishing life

Liberty Lodge Young Leaders Project 2006 – part 1

When I hear or read the news that someone has committed suicide, especially a young person, I feel very sad. I sometimes wonder what may have caused that individual to take such action. Could it be that they felt their life was not worth cherishing?

For me, cherishing life means to be happy, to be alive, to do things that will make life better for others as well as myself. And to do what I can to help me stay alive.{{more}}

Today I want to share five of the many reasons why I cherish life.

1) I believe God created me because He loves me and He wants me to become the best person I can.

2) I love my family and I like spending time with them. I enjoy it when we go to church, go shopping and play games. One of the best times I have with my family is at Christmas. I get lots of nice food to eat and sometimes I get gifts.

3) I get to play with my friends. Most times we play football, marbles or cricket. My friends and I go to the park to watch our schoolmates compete with other schools in football and cricket matches. This is so much fun, especially when my team wins.

4) Going to school is another thing I enjoy. I must be honest by letting you know that before I came to the LLBTC, I often stayed away from school. This is one of the reasons why I am placed at this Centre.

Now, I see the importance of education and I am trying hard to learn as much as I can. Can you imagine that I am learning to use the computer? At first I only wanted to know how to play games but my instructor said we have to learn other things like the parts of the computer, the keyboard and sending emails.

5) I enjoy helping others get things done. When I am at home, persons from the village often call on me to do things like going to the shop or taking a message to someone. I usually feel happy when someone says “thank you” to me for what little help I gave. Sometimes these persons give me pocket change, for which I am always thankful.

I can go on sharing but my team will continue on this same topic next week. Remember, life is a special gift from God. Just like me, you can have many reasons for cherishing life.

Kwayne Glasgow