October 28, 2005

Confessions of a teenage girl

Jamal was a bit scared of being with me because of the age difference but I loved him or so I thought.

It was a Saturday morning when things really got heated between us. I told my parents that I was going to the library with my girlfriends and they ate my lie like a sweet cherry, actually that was the beginning of what would be my constant pattern of deception. {{more}}So that morning I left home pretending to be going to the library taking books and all.

At the end of the road I pretended to be waiting on a van but was really anxiously anticipating seeing Jamal.

It wasn’t long before his red sports car tinted midnight black braked in front of me. I casually but quickly got into the car where I was sure no one would see me except Jamal. As we began conversing it seemed he was the most humorous, caring and smart gentleman. He complimented me on my beauty and smell and never before in my life had I felt so special. His magic with words added to his handsome appearance was totally overwhelming.

That morning intentions were clear. I didn’t have to ask where we were going because I knew, and as is said, silence is consent. So there we were at his apartment in his bedroom. Never in my life had I been so nervous but in a breath of reassurance he reminded me that I should trust him.

• To be continued.