September 23, 2005
‘My years were well spent’

by Ossana de Riggs

Being one of the 25 from the first batch of students to travel to Cuba (under the new agreement with the Government) was quite an adventure for me. Leaving A’ Levels and venturing into a new life, and a new environment with a completely different culture was a bit frightening.

Those fears were fortunately not to be realized. In no time I was seasoned into the Cuban culture and speaking the language. It was my first lesson of becoming a professional. “Acculturation”! {{more}}

Having completed the preparatory year in Cienfuegos, a quiet province in the South Central of Cuba, moving to the big city Havana, was a challenge because of the contrast. I soon adapted, made new friends and settled in to the Cuban way of life.

The education and experiences gained in Cuba are very much appreciated. Some will say six years is quite a long time, but I will say they were six years well spent. My thanks go out to the Governments of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Cuba for affording me the opportunity to become a professional and broaden my horizons.

Cuba was an experience that will remain etched in my memories for a lifetime.

• Ossana de Riggs (Bsc.) graduated from the University of I.S.P.J.A.E , (Jose Antonio Echeverria) Marianao, Havana, Cuba in July, 2003 ,with a degree in Informatics Engineering.