Tribute to Dr.  Earle Kirby by Calvin Nicholls
September 16, 2005
Tribute to Dr. Earle Kirby by Calvin Nicholls

Dr. I.A. Earle Kirby popularly known as Doc – has been called to higher service. “Doc” the veterinarian, archaeologist, historian, explorer, discoverer, philanthropist, walking encyclopaedia – truly a man of many parts and with extremely wide interests. A most versatile individual.

A friend to all and enemy to none. He loved people, particularly the under privileged and children who were inclined to stay away from school.{{more}}

Personally, my life has been richer to have been close to him during the 1950s, 60s and 70s – indeed he has been one of my mentors.

It must have been disappointing for him to have been unable to continue his exploits, when because of his failing health, he was confined to bed, but he bore it all with Christian fortitude.

Our country has lost one of its greatest sons who cannot be easily replaced.

To Auntie Monica, Ashley, Kimmy and family, we all extend our profound condolences. May God give them the Grace they need.