What do you think about the recently introduced Caribbean Discount Card?
August 26, 2005
What do you think about the recently introduced Caribbean Discount Card?

The Caribbean Discount Card was launched on Saturday August 13 at Roy’s Inn. The card offers between 5% to 20% discount at participating businesses, and can presently be used in 90 businesses locally and 1000 in Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia and Barbados combined.

Searchlight solicited feedback from business owners who have signed up for the card. {{more}}

Natasha Jeffery

– Fashion Planet

I wasn’t really enthused about the whole Caribbean Discount Card, I thought it was just another card. But then I went to Barbados a couple of weeks ago and they had all these businesses that were taking the card, that is when my eyes opened and I got excited about the card. I think the card encourages people to come to the business whenever they come to St.Vincent.

There is a booklet that advertises the places where the card is used in the different islands, so that in itself would be a plus for my business. And I’ll be taking advantage of it all the time, because places that I go to shop in Trinidad have already signed up, so I would be saving money.

Jasmine Smith, representing the owners

La Fleur Jacobs and Sandra Mann

– Majestic Bridals

Customers have already been coming into the store shopping and looking for the discount, so the card is definitely going to be a plus for Majestic Bridals because we buy things not only in the States, but we also shop in the Caribbean. Sometimes we can’t get all of our products out of the States and we shop sometimes in St.Lucia or Barbados to get stuff quickly for weddings. It’s definitely a plus for us because we can use the card in the region to make purchases for the store.

Cleve Lewis-

– C&R Enterprises and Caribbean Traders Incorporated

I think the card would assist my business in terms of bringing in customers because the card would be distributed to other islands to customers. Once people know that they are getting the discounts and bigger discounts than we generally offer, I think they would come and use the card, so that would bring benefits to them and also at the same time give me benefits. It would definitely increase my business because people want discounts.

Chad Minors

– Minors Construction Hardware

I feel the card is good because we are living in a price conscious society and everyone wants to save money. So it could only be a “win-win” situation between both the business and the customers. They would be saving money on their purchases at my establishment and the advantage to me is that it would generate volume in my establishment. I would be saving money when I go to other business places too. The good thing is that it’s not only in St.Vincent but throughout the Caribbean so obviously that is of great benefit to me and my business as a whole.