My Love
June 10, 2005
My Love

Our relationship started on a sizzling hot summer day. While walking along the seashore with angry waves rushing against my feet. I saw someone in the distance ahead under an almond tree swinging in a hammock.

As I drew closer I realized that it was someone I knew and, that she was not alone. THERE! You were, standing tall beside her. {{more}}Your unusual yet appealing complexion and attire, the most beautiful I’ve ever beheld. Just from your appearance I knew you were nurtured right, I knew you were made of quality. Knowing that there was no way my friend would easily give you up I still had to ask for an introduction.

I eagerly awaited and got the first introduction, with that I threw my head back took a long swig, fighting for words to explain your exceptional flavor. I shouted! Caramba! (Good Heavens) this is my love. Hairoun Beer.

Our Island! Our Beer!