June 10, 2005
Hairoun Employee Profile – Kelvin Franklyn

Name: Kelvin Franklyn

Hometown: Rose Hall, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Status: Married

Education: B.B.A. Frederick Taylor International University, California

Current Position: Import/Export Officer

Hire Date: 9th September 1991

Started in Current Position: 1st November 1996

• Hairoun News: What is it like working for

St. Vincent Brewery Limited?

Kelvin: St. Vincent Brewery Limited is a great company to work for. I joined the organization in 1991 and I have no regrets. {{more}} I have acquired tremendous knowledge, capitalized on a slew of opportunities, and have had terrific experiences that are too numerous to mention. I have earned a Bachelors Degree from Frederick Taylor International University, California, to which the company contributed 100% of the tuition cost. I have attended several seminars both locally and regionally and gained the appreciation for team work and excellence at all levels of the organization. The Brewery gives me a sense of belonging and I am overwhelmed to be an employee of this company as it celebrates twenty years of brewing excellence.

• Hairoun News: what do you do as Import/Export Officer?

Kelvin: As Import/Export Officer at St. Vincent Brewery Limited I am responsible for the following:

• Processing of inward and outward bound goods.

• Making shipping and clearance arrangement with shipping agencies.

• Lodging entries at the Customs & Excise Department and clearing goods from the Port Authority Warehouses.

• Insuring cargo in and out and preparing insurance claims where applicable.

• Collaborating with the F.D.A for all exports to the U.S.A.

• Preparing and providing shipping documents and details for all export customers.

• Hairoun News: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Kelvin: My job at St. Vincent Brewery Limited is extremely exciting. Every consignment whether import or export presents its own thrill and challenge. I enjoy meeting the demands of the various departments. Most of all I enjoy clearing those goods that are urgently needed, whether for production, sales, or accounts and at the end of it all I feel this awesome sense of pride, satisfaction and motivated spirit that is overwhelming.

• Hairoun News: What sort of aids, machine, and equipment do you use in your job?

Kelvin: Most of my work involves preparing entries for submission to the Custom & Excise Department. I use the CET program on my computer to prepare the custom forms. The program makes this tedious job a lot easier. I refer to it as the heartbeat of the department. I also use the Common External Tariff for classification of import and export items. I also use the Local Consumption Tax schedule for non-concession goods.

• Hairoun News: Does your job involve


Kelvin: My job is all about being “on the go.” I travel from my office to Kingstown and to the E.T. Joshua Airport about two times on an ordinary day but during the busy periods like Christmas, Easter and Carnival my travel could well triple. Occasionally I travel to Barbados, Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago on job related matters.

• Hairoun News: Where do you currently live?

Kelvin: I am currently living at Cane Grove. I love this area for its green vegetation, peace, and tranquility and most of all the panoramic view of the mountains and the blue Caribbean Sea.

• Hairoun News: What do you do in your free time?

Kelvin: I am a devoted member of the Methodist Church where I am a lay preacher and I look-forward to my preaching assignments. I also enjoy taking care of my pets and spending quiet evenings with my family watching my favourite television programs like the Apprentice, Fear Factor, The Parker’s and Everybody Likes Raymond.