Challenging future ahead for Brewery
June 10, 2005
Challenging future ahead for Brewery

Predicting a very challenging future ahead, Heinz Moser, general manager of the St. Vincent Brewery Limited, has promised that his company, as a world class manufacturer and brand, would position itself to compete aggressively at the national, regional and international levels to overcome all hurdles.

Addressing participants at the 20th Anniversary celebration at the St.Vincent Brewery Limited on Thursday, June 2, Moser expressed thanks to all employees and in particular staff members who have served the company over the past 20 years. {{more}}

Over 15 per cent of the permanent staff are celebrating 20 years of service. The manager said this clearly demonstrates the St.Vincent Brewery is a good place to work. The Brewery currently employs 88 permanent staff and approximately 30 casual employees.

Moser said the company would continue to reassess its position in the market to ensure that its brand continues to be the preferred choice of Vincentians.

He promised that the Brewery would continue to ensure that its products meet and surpass the expectations, attitudes and needs of its customers and consumers.

“Now, and in the future, we will continue to shape, inspire, and face the challenges of excellence necessary to survive the challenging times ahead,” said Moser.

He noted the company would continue to be a good corporate citizen while adding his determination as General Manager to continue making contributions to culture, education and sports.

“The quality of our brand, the pride in our work and the determination of our people will ensure our survival and the survival of the brewery is our No.1 priority.

“It can be done if we all commit and do it together,” Moser exclaimed.

The manager expressed thanks to Wayne Murphy, sales and marketing manager, and his team for their contribution in making the event a success.

Acting Chairman of the St.Vincent Brewery Limited, Chresten Christensen, said after overcoming initial hiccups throughout the 90s and the beginning of the 21st century the company has produced magnificent results with almost continuous record sales and earnings.

In 2000, the Brewery’s tax exemption period expired and St.Vincent Brewery started paying company taxes. Last year the Brewery paid in excess of EC$5.7 million in taxes and duties, thereby contributing heavily to the economy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Employees of 20 years, Wayne Murphy, Albert Porter, Evelyn Bailey, Benjamin Hendrickson, Bing McKie, Douglas Cuffy, Earl Delpesche, Philmore Simon, Gary Rodriguez, Manuel Jack and Norris May, were presented with prizes for their years of service.

The St.Vincent Brewery Limited produces Hairoun Beer, Guiness, Coca-Cola, Fanta and Vita Malt.

The ceremony was attended by Elizabeth Chu, Taiwan’s Ambassador to St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Acting Governor General Monica Dacon, Ministers of Government, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Permanent Secretaries, Directors of the St.Vincent Brewery Limited, shareholders and employees the St.Vincent Brewery Limited.

Cheques were handed over to the Carnival Development Committee (CDC), as the Brewery’s contribution to Vincy Mas 2005 by several employees of the company.