May 27, 2005
‘Sister touched all she came in contact with’

The death of Sister Pat has touched all she came in contact with in her remarkable life.

She excelled as Headmistress of St. Joseph’s Convent in Marriaqua, but she was much more than an administrator. She also taught Chemistry and was an outstanding teacher in that she inspired her students to be the best they could be, in Chemistry and in life. She truly cared about each and every student and pushed them to achieve. {{more}}

Her work with unwed mothers was also exceptional, for she did not give up on these young women in a society that doesn’t seem to care about their further education.

As a tangible expression of our grief, we would like to call on the Vincentian community that loved Sister Pat to donate whatever they can to the building of a home for these unwed mothers. You can send a check made out to the “Diocese of Kingstown,” P.O. Box 862, Kingstown, and include a note to Bishop Rivas that the funds should be earmarked to the Our Lady of Guadeloupe Home for Girls. Though it is not in our power to do so, we strongly recommend that this fund be renamed, the Sister Pat Home for Girls in honour of Sister Pat. We will be sending checks totaling $1,000 for this worthy cause, and we urge all businesses and individuals to give what you can as a tribute to the late Sister Pat.

Bob Berlingh,

Caribbean Woods Ltd,

Ocar, Bequia

Maranne Berlingh,

Maranne’s Ice

Cream Ltd.

Belmont, Bequia