May 27, 2005
Birthday girl

Beatrice Caine, a devout Spiritual Baptist, celebrates her 101st birthday tomorrow and Caine, a resident of Fair Hall, is relishing her achievement.

She has been blind for the past three years but this does not hinder her in anyway from remaining active.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday Caine stated: “I bathe myself and use the toilet for myself, though I cannot see.”{{more}}

“One hundred and one, what a time!” exclaimed the senior citizen with a broad smile.

Caine, the daughter of Georgina Phillips and Uriah John, recalled the days as a farmer when she dug banks “as any man”.

She also made a living selling fish during her heyday.

“I use to sell Jackfish for penny. Doh’ care how big it be,” Caine recalled.

Caine, the third of four children, is the mother of two children, Alma Pompey and George Caine.

She said she enjoys praying and rejoicing.

She reminisced on times in St.Vincent and the Grenadines when Spiritual Baptists were victimized for their belief.

An incident that happened during her teens when several Spiritual Baptists from the Fair Hall and surrounding areas were arrested shortly after coming from a baptism at Great Head Bay at Arnos Vale stands out very clearly even today.

“We were just coming from Baptism and a white lady at Belair saw the Converteds coming up Fairbairn Pastures.She got frightened and run and knock out the pickney out ah she belly in her own home.

“The same day the police came and lock people up. After that Sunday, the Shakers couldn’t go out,” Caine recalled.

“Me can shake well,” Granny Caine said, with a smile.

She then launched into a song: “Moan along. Moan a little longer, we shall gain the promised land. Converteds march the golden street, for to enter the city of Jerusalem.”

The grand old lady is today cared for by Cynthia Pompey, Wayne Pompey and Alma Pompey.