Shopping more convenient in Layou
May 6, 2005
Shopping more convenient in Layou

A new era of business has dawned on the Central Leeward Town of Layou.

The Layou Super Market is providing a refreshing commercial atmosphere. It will afford the customer a variety of shopping choices. {{more}}

Persons in and around that area have a new outlet where they can select their goods.

The Layou Supermarket is a branch of Island Distributors Ltd. The driving force behind the enterprise is Fidel Taylor.

The Supermarket is easy to find. It is in the same building previously occupied by Allenby Gaymes.

Gaymes is a community stalwart with a legacy of business. He has been restricted in his operations in recent time.

Taylor has 29 years experience in the business circles, which has made him well versed in the industry. He has functioned in the food, pharmaceutical, household, computers, stationery and office supplies departments.

Originally from Lower Middle Street in Capital City Kingstown, Taylor spent some time at Redemption Sharpes where his mother still resides, but moved to Ruthland Vale Estate, outside the Layou centre in the 90’s.

The Layou Supermarket has been in business from December 2004, and Taylor intends to expand. For him the new venture is a “convenience store.”

He regards it as “more than a super market,” and disclosed that “we do a little wholesale.”

Since the Layou Supermarket, the pattern of business has changed in Layou. Small shops, tray vendors, Icebox vendors, picnickers, and others have taken advantage of the enterprise.

Farmers have been using the outlet to get animal feeds, and garden tools.

There is a Light Hardware department, which caters for the construction industry, and patrons can acquire material, electrical requirements, plumbing accessories, automotive aftercare products, and pharmaceuticals.

Taylor’s next move “is to upgrade the supermarket.” He plans to offer a range of meat products.

He intends to upgrade local, food and fish production.

Taylor is hoping to use the space because as he pointed out: “I want to treat customers with more respect and dignity.”

The Layou Super Market opens at 8 am every day to 8 p.m. until Thursday, 9pm Friday and Saturday, and 12 noon Sunday.

The Layou Supermarket is a family enterprise. Fidel’s wife Beverline is a pillar of the firm and their two sons Deryn and Stephan are vital parts of the operation.

The Layou Super Market is a source of employment for seven full time workers, and three part time employees. In addition, a number of persons do trucking, and maintenance.

Beverline has memories of life in North Leeward. And thinks that the Layou Supermarket “is good for the community.”

She is pleased with the support the venture has received so far.