Hunte: Searchlight is my favourite paper
May 6, 2005
Hunte: Searchlight is my favourite paper

Thomas Hunte hails from the Kingstown area, but resides at Redemption Sharpes. He prides himself as being one of the first Searchlight vendors. He recalls vividly the initial Searchlight edition.

“I (am) the first body start to sell. Bassy (Bassy Alexander) bring them to me,” Hunte said. {{more}}

A worker on the waterfront for 27 years, Hunte maintains his fitness at the Alhap Shipping Company.

There is no question about his commitment to nation building, in whatever small manner it might appear.

“I come down every Friday morning to sell the Searchlight,” Hunte outlined.

He declared: “My favourite paper is the Searchlight.” He has several stories about his attachment with the publication. He is an avid reader and articles that remain in his memory have maintained his information base.

Besides being a Searchlight fan, Hunte boasts as a mobile initiator.

“I am a travelling man. Up and down with me (my) bag. I sell to Vinlec, Sprotts Brothers… the bank up the road. I does leave them by Berns. I come take 50 and gone. They call me Brother Hunte,” he declared.

It’s something of an obsession for him, and he is a foundation member of the Searchlight family.

Hunter is pleased with his connection over the ten years, and looks forward to its progress.