Make-shift shacks – resting place for homeless
April 29, 2005

Make-shift shacks – resting place for homeless

The streets have become a place of refuge for some persons. Not all of them may be intent on a life of crime, but the battle for survival may inevitably lead to actions on the wrong side of the law.{{more}}

The street dwellers may consider their conduct necessary, but at least in some areas, there is the concern that the crude shacks erected on the roads as living quarters are not only an eye sore, but also a reminder of our need for more affordable housing stock.

There seems to be a particular problem within the city, and construction of high rise apartments may have to be given more urgent consideration.

These make-shift structures erected by street dwellers are a danger to the environment because of the absence of toilet facilities. It is a genuine concern, and persons with business enterprises in the city and others interested in the mantainance of social stability ought to be concerned about this gradually unfolding malaise.