Searchlight is best seller for ‘Bernie’
April 15, 2005
Searchlight is best seller for ‘Bernie’

There can be no separation between the Searchlight and Bernadette Johnson.

Bernie, as she is affectionately called, is from the area of Sion Hill Kingstown has been selling the Searchlight newspaper since its first copy April 7, 1995. {{more}}

Johnson, is mother of two daughters, Keisha, who recently completed studies at the Community College, and Lisa, a former St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua student.

Besides the Searchlight, sold from her location outside Y. de Lima on Bay Street, Johnson also sells a variety of seasonings. The Searchlight fits in with other editions local, regional and international her newsstand carries. And it is one of her most attractive commodities.

“Searchlight is a selling paper,” Johnson pointed out.

Johnson wishes the Searchlight continued success and that there be improvements over the next ten years.

She is an independent woman in the real sense.

She has been self-employed for her working years, plying her trade in the heart of the town.

“My ambition is to provide a valuable service to the Vincentian public so that they could be more informed about what’s going on,” Johnson added.

She noted that “without the newspaper, many people would not know what is going on.”