Evans and Pitt: Full time distributors
April 15, 2005

Evans and Pitt: Full time distributors

Most vendors associated with the Searchlight newspaper would definitely be familiar with Bertram Pitt and Kimron Evans two pillars of the Searchlight distribution network.

Whenever Thursdays come, Pitt and Evans are plunged into action, even if it takes them late into the night. In any case, early Friday morning, they are inevitably in action for the Searchlight newspapers must reach its readers nationwide ontime. {{more}}

Pitt and Evans help to distribute the Searchlight. Theirs has been a profound contribution from the inception of the publication.

Both from the area of Redemption Sharpes, to the interior direction of Kingstown, they are also keen sporting fans. They are capable footballers with a history of dedication to their team’s effort.

Quiet, but dedicated to their duties, Pitt and Evans have proven valuable assets to the Searchlight publication.