Dr. Boyle honoured to be President
February 18, 2005

Dr. Boyle honoured to be President

Greetings from President Collin Boyle of the Rotary Club of St. Vincent.

I feel honoured and at the same time humbled to be president of our club in this the centennial year of Rotary.{{more}}

Rotary’s 100th Birthday has arrived. It is a time of great pride and joy for all Rotarians around the world in more than 166 Countries, with a membership of over 1.2 million members.

President Glen of Rotary International has challenged us to celebrate Rotary all year.

We in the Rotary club of St. Vincent, have taken up the challenge and are celebrating Rotary in fine style.

Our Motto is: “ Service above self”.

And we are guided by the Four-way test of the things we think, say or do:

Is it the truth?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Happy 100th Anniversary to Rotary!