New appointments at NIS ’99 – 2004
January 14, 2005
New appointments at NIS ’99 – 2004

• 1999 – The Caricom Reciprocal Agreement was signed. The minimum weekly primary pension increased to $50.

The Customer Service Audit Desk was established. {{more}}

Quality Service Officer – Ms. Dawn A. Small.

The First Financial Comptroller was appointed – Mr. Lennox Timm.

The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) of USA undertook training with the Scheme in areas of Compliance.

We unveiled our mission, vision and goal statements.

The fourth Actuarial Review was completed:

The principal conclusions:

(1) The NIS is actuarially sound. The current contribution rate of 6 percent will be sufficient to finance the current benefit structure for the next 10 years.

(2) The value of Maternity and Funeral Grants should be increased. Maternity Grant increased to $400 and Funeral Grant increased to $3000.

(3) The value of a Non-contributory Assistance Age Pension should be increased to EC$25 per week.

2000 – The first female Deputy Director was appointed – Miss Mineva Glasgow.

NIS participated in the National Health Fair and the National Independence Exhibition.

Regional Training Seminar was conducted on “Developing Social Security Schemes with Information Technology”.

The NIS Sports Club participated in the Caribbean Games in Trinidad and placed 2nd.

The introduction of the children’s Christmas party.

The contribution ceiling increased to $3250 per month and $750 per week.