JOCV meeting needs of people
December 17, 2004
JOCV meeting needs of people

by Masahiro Kato

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer

The Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) programme, incepted in 1964, has dispatched more than 25,000 young aspiring volunteers to more than 70 counties. {{more}} worldwide in order to assist in the social and economic development of recipient countries.

With more than 160 categories of service, JOCV volunteers work at the local level so as to best meet people’s needs. JOCV is well received as it has also made a significant contribution to promoting mutual understanding and friendship with host countries. As of now nine JOCV volunteers are working in SVG.

Eminence of volunteer, I believe, lies in its flexibility and mobility, which allow the most effective response to varied needs. In addition, volunteers have the potential to serve as a “bridge” to promote unity. By working and sharing time with local people, volunteers may well bind people to people, culture to culture and ideas to actions, which otherwise could remain apart. In that sense we can see volunteerism as a “symbol of unity”. May volunteerism take root to further promote culture of peace.